All sales are final. For the benefit of my students, I reveal very sensitive and personal data in each of the learning programs, including my proprietary store, products, Facebook ads, Google ads, affiliate programs, credit cards, and much more. These insights, as well as all the other videos & information, cannot be unseen or unlearned. I do not offer refunds since there is no way for you to return what you have been taught.

I personally answer questions from anyone who has enrolled in a course of mine, either via DMs or in the private Facebook group, and I am always happy to receive feedback and update the course if you feel there is something missing. I care deeply about the success of each and every person who chooses to learn from me, so I am only willing to take on those people with the conviction to invest themselves entirely, with no backups or ways to make an excuse for their self-inflicted failures.

By enrolling in a course of mine, you are agreeing that you understand the purchase is final, and that you will take the necessary steps as I teach them to ensure that failure is never the end result for you. The only way you can fail is if you give up.